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Where do I start?

First you must determine the purpose of your project. If you want a website, why do you want a website. What are your goals? Once you have everything figured out, give us a call (or email) or fill out our free quote form. We can discuss the different options available to you, based on your budget, and put together a Project Proposal with a price quote estimate.

What is your process?

Once we've dicussed your project with you and have compe up with a plan, our first step is to determine the blueprints. For a website, this would be the general layout and navigation, or flow. For a catalog, this would be how we will arrange your products, how many pages the output will be, and what all will go into the catalog. We will work with your corporate image, and marketing information. This is where we determine what content already exists and what needs to be created.

Next comes the creative design process, where the "look and feel" of the project is determined. At this point, we have become aquainted with your company's image and the various marketing elements you currently use. We will look at graphical elements you really like (and what you don't), and what your competition is doing.

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