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File Formats FAQ

I received a file.pdf - what is this and how do I open it?

A pdf document is a proprietary file format by Adobe used to electronically package everything from photographs, graphics, documents, and more. At KZP design, most of the files we present to clients will be PDF documents. To open this file, you will need a program compatible with the .pdf extension, such as Adobe Acrobat. Many computers come with this program as default, or some other compatible program. If you are using an Apple computer utilizing Mac OS X, your computer is already equipped with "preview", which is all you will need.

If you need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader (its free!), click here.
More information about Adobe Acrobat can be found here.

Get Adobe Acrobat

Why do you make me download a pdf program? Why can't you just send me a jpg!?

We don't do this to annoy you, it is as much a benefit to you as it is to us. You can learn more about Adobe PDF's here, though we will explain some of the direct reasons why we use PDF. First and foremost, pdf is actually the standardized file for graphic design. We send printers similar PDF's to print your prepress jobs, that we send you, our client. The advantage is that the file is actually of higher quality, while maintaining a smaller file size. A PDF can be zoomed in, while keeping the integrity of vector graphics (such as text), so you can zoom in on that 6pt text and actually be able to proof read it.

Another reason we used PDF's are because of their multiple page capabilities. If your job is multiple pages (such as a catalog), or even consists of a front and a back, we can send you one PDF file and you can go through and view your entire project. For example, if you have a 10pg booklet, with a PDF you can even view which pages will be facing to each other.

I received a file.sit or .sitx - what is it and how do I open it?

A .sit or .sitx file is a compressed file format created by Stuffit, containing anything from graphics, documents, photographs, and more. The compressed file is similar to a .zip or .rar if you are familiar with them. We choose to utilize the Stuffit format for it's advanced compression technology and ease of use, along with it's cross-platform compatibility. If you use an Apple computer utilizing Mac OS X, your computer is already equipped to open Stuffit files.

If you need to download Stuffit Expander (its free!), click here.

Why do you make me download an expanding program? Why can't you just send me all the files I want in an email!?

We're all about security and standardization. There are many reasons to put files in a compressed archive, we'll cover two big ones. First off, the compression actually does make the file smaller. Since everyone doesn't have a high speed connection, and some files are huge (even for broadband), this really becomes an advantage and time saver.

The other reason for compressing files, is the corruption which can occur when files are transferred multiple times. When transferring around a file (such as emailing), you are much more likely to have a successful transfer of 1 file than with 10, and if that 1 file is corrupted you will know it when you try to open it. With 10 files, half could come through fine, the other half corrupt, and you wouldn't know until you tried to open each and every one. "How much is a file transferred?" you ask. Well, when we email you a file, it actually gets transferred at least 4 times. Each time it is transferred, there is a risk of file corruption.

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